The Myth


The Myth


As the Corgi has been farm workers in Wales in ages,

it is not surprising that there are many tales and legends about them.


One of those legends, are the one about how the corgi came to live

in Wales and it's south-west hills.


The legend says that 2 children, that was watching the familys cattle,

one day found 2 puppies they thought was fox-puppies.


When the children took home the puppies it was said that

the small dogs was a gift from the fairys.


According to the legend the fairys used the dogs to draw their wagons

and to ride on. While the small fox-like dogs grew, they learned to help

their human companions, watching the cattles.


A task that became the daily work for their offspring for several hundred of years.


If anyone would ever doubt the truth of this legend, you can still see the marks from the saddles the fairys used, on the corgis shoulders.


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